The Cursed Queen

My name is Yuna Queenertia,

I woke up one day with nearly no memories. Not my home. Not my family. Nothing…but my name.

In my awakening, I am introduced to a short, old woman named Granny. A young, optimistic girl named Sam. Her mother, Anna. And a mysterious girl named Claire. My world grows colder knowing I was in a coma. If that wasn’t enough, I come to learn of the world I live in.

Magic. A thing of fiction. A thing of mystery. Abundant and thriving; fantasy became my reality. But the world of magic is not what it seems.

Minor flashbacks of my past begin to surface. Granny and those I know hold more secrets than they tell. A serial killer called the Phantom runs rampant within the village. Born with silver hair, I come to find I am a curse. And a target to the village I live in.

My personality begins to split as I am pushed to fighting for who I am. But who am I really? Am I Yuna Queenertia? Or the Cursed Queen?

My name is Yuna Queenertia, and this is my tale.